Pondering and Treasuring God’s Gifts

Think back to when something unexpected turned your world upside down. What was going through your head? How did you feel? Life-changing events often give us pause and cause us to think deeply about how things will be different in the future.

               But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Luke 2:19

Mary pondered the earth-shattering significance of her brand new baby boy at Bethlehem's manger. There in her arms laid the King of Kings, the great I AM, and the Savior of the world. With great joy, she treasured God's enormous love revealed in our Newborn King, Jesus.

Thousands of years later, the shockwaves from our Lord's arrival have never ceased. As Christians, we continue to be moved by God's grace through our lives of service and joyful thanks. Wisconsin Lutheran College students like Tricia Bidinger are driven to share the joy in their hearts while using the unique gifts God has given them.

Tricia is well on her way to achieving her dream of becoming a labor and delivery nurse. As a junior in WLC's nursing program, she is equipped with skills and clinical experiences to ensure her future success. But Tricia wasn't always so sure she had what it took to pursue this demanding career.

“I knew I liked taking care of people, and I had always been fascinated by studying God's amazing creation in biology class. But I didn't want to be a nurse because of the responsibility.”

Nevertheless, Tricia pondered the possibility that God allowed her to grow by trusting in Him and diving head first into the vocation she knew she was made for.

“It was a ‘Jesus moment’ because the decision really scared me. But nursing was the only thing I could see myself doing.”

Experiences at WLC prepare Tricia to be a confident and courageous Christian leader in healthcare. She is immersed in growth opportunities as a Christian Leadership Certificate Program member and through her positions on the Student Senate, the Outdoor Recreation Club, and the Student Nurses' Association. More importantly, Tricia is treasuring God's promises by strengthening her faith daily while encouraging others to do likewise.

“WLC has helped me find ways to spend time with Jesus, and I've made good Christian friends who help me keep God at the center of my life.”

This Christmas, you can amplify the life-changing hope of Christ by investing in WLC servant leaders. Our young Christian men and women are equipped to share God's love through many vocational callings. Your donation will open doors for more courageous Christian leaders to make an impact in God's Kingdom. Thank you for your committed friendship and support for our mission. 


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