The Impact of Your Gift

WLC students share firsthand how your gifts truly make a difference.

Wisconsin Lutheran College believes that Christian leaders are desperately needed in every career field imaginable. Our mission is to prepare students for lives of service to the world while possessing a deep love for Jesus and their neighbor. Many students are eager to attend WLC, but the cost is simply too great for them to bear on their own; in fact, 99% of students receive financial assistance from the college. These Christian men and women count on your generous gifts to make attaining a Christ-centered WLC education a reality.

Millicent Selenka ’21

Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Communication Major

Millicent Selenka ’21 shares why she chose to attend WLC and how scholarship gifts helped her afford college, and provided her with once-in-a-lifetime leadership opportunities.


Keith Bowling ’22

WLC Student Keith Bowling

Jefferson, Wisconsin
Anthropology and Psychology Major

I am blessed and humbled to receive the Rising Star in Psychology Scholarship. With your support, I will continue my education in anthropology and psychology, with a minor in criminal justice. I want to learn all about the human mind and the nation’s legal system to better understand why people commit crimes, so I can help make positive changes in struggling urban areas as an FBI agent. Every aspect of WLC is committed to helping you grow in your Christian faith, and I feel I will be prepared to share hope and make a difference in the community when I graduate. I cannot thank you enough for helping to fund my education – blessings to you and your family!

Jenna Bednar ’23

WLC Student Jenna Bednar

Greenfield, Wisconsin
Neuroscience and Psychology Major

I feel extremely blessed and honored to have received the Love First Scholarship. Funding my education has been very difficult for my family, but because of generous donors like you, I am able to continue my education at a prestigious, faith-based institution like WLC. In addition to majoring in neuroscience and psychology, I’m minoring in Spanish and am starting my first year in the Christian Leadership Certificate Program. I hope to earn a Ph.D. in psychology to make a difference in the lives of children by entering the fields of research and experimentation. Thank you for your truly wonderful and generous gift.

Natalia Zambrano ’22

WLC Student Natalia Zambrano

Winthrop Harbor, Illinois
Nursing Major

Being able to attend college has always been a dream of mine, as well as a dream of my mom’s. She was not able to attend college for financial reasons, but I am beyond grateful that I am able to, with the help of generous donors like you! WLC has brought many blessings into my life: I have met the best of friends, improved my knowledge with an amazing education and professors, and strengthened my faith every day with chapel and theology classes. After graduating, I plan to attend graduate school and become an oncology nurse practitioner or nurse anesthetist. Thank you for helping me further my education!

Noah Schaser ’21

WLC Student Noah Schaser

Appleton, Wisconsin
Business Administration - Finance Major 

I am honored to be the recipient of the Paul and Linda Oswald Business Scholarship. This gift tremendously helps bring down the cost of my education. I am so thankful for the relationships and knowledge I have gained while at WLC. I am the team lead in the Student Programming Office, president of the Investment Club, and I tutor students in business classes. WLC has blessed me with these and many other opportunities to serve others. After graduation, I hope to enter the business world in a financial role focused around equity and security research. I know that WLC has prepared me for a career of service to others. Thank you for your generosity.