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2023 Texas Concert Tour

When thinking about what unites a choir, several things may come to mind: a passion for singing, good voices, musical ability, a commitment to practicing, and a desire to create something beautiful and share it with others. All of these traits are indeed commonly held among members of the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir. But their strongest and most sacred bond is a united faith in Jesus Christ. All eyes look to Him alone for truth, motivation, and purpose.

In March 2023, the choir will embark on its first-ever concert tour to Texas. While visiting congregations and schools across the Lone Star State, students will have the opportunity to perform pieces like Ubi Caritas, which proclaim our shared hope and joy in the one true God.

While many college choirs perform sacred literature, few approach the text with the eyes of faith. The Wisconsin Lutheran Choir presents each sacred song as a prayer and proclamation of the truths of God’s Word. On tour, students share God’s love with audiences and each other through their music and their time together. Many choir members kindle new friendships during this impactful week while growing as Christians and musicians. Likewise, they are strengthened as servant leaders through their commitment to the ensemble and the rigors of traveling together.

I have been a member of numerous choirs, bands, and other performing groups throughout my life.  None are like the community of singers found within the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir. Our motivation is found with the joy possessed in our hearts: a joy that is centered on our Savior, Jesus Christ. – Douglas Reinhardt ’23

As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. Touring with an ensemble of 58 students across this extra-large destination also comes with a higher-than-average price tag. The choir is committed, however, to sharing the love of Christ in song throughout the Lone Star State. Your gift to the Wisconsin Lutheran Choir will help students proclaim the love of Jesus in Texas. Every donation helps to keep touring affordable for choir members and secures the future of this Gospel-driven musical opportunity. 

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Where charity and love are, God is there.
Christ’s love has gathered us into one.
Let us rejoice and be pleased in Him.
Let us fear, and let us love the living God.
And may we love each other with a sincere heart. 
A joy that is immense and good:
In the midst of us be Christ our God.
Let us see your glorious face with the blessed.

- Ubi Caritas 
Paulinus of Aquileia | Sung in Latin | arr. Dan Forrest (b. 1978)