Leadership Series

Creating Christian Servant Leaders is key to the mission of Wisconsin Lutheran College. The Center for Christian Leadership sponsors monthly Leadership Lunches to help us grow as Christian servant leaders. Box lunches are provided for attendees at no cost. Please register for your lunch and attendance through the form below.

Members of the Christian Leadership Certificate program will again participate in four of the Leadership Lunch activities (two each semester). The students will provide relatively relevant insights into the issues related to serving as a leader. Students will join us on October 25, December 4, February 13 and April 11.

Wednesday, October 25
“Harnessing the Power of Atomic Habits” - James Clear
11:30-12:30 Siebert Center

Our success is a product of our daily habits. Every action you take is a vote for who you want to become. James Clear has become the expert on helping us understand the process behind results and seeing the value in making tiny changes that get remarkable results. In this talk, whether the CEO, volunteer or new college graduate, walk away with a proven framework for getting better every day, explore the four laws of habits and identify how habits actually work in your life. This is a video-based presentation from the 2023 Global Leadership Summit followed by small and large group discussions on key takeaways from the speaker. 

Center for Christian Leadership Lunch Series

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